About Us

The latest buzz in technology is the ability to utilize cloud based applications. We are extremely excited to offer you our comprehensive web based pedigree management system as a service to you. Having your records at your fingertips anytime you have an available Internet connection. Imagine selling an animal at the ARBA Convention, and immediately delivering the pedigree to the buyer’s inbox within seconds.

  • Pedigree Management

    We are your full service web based pedigree management portal. Our system was developed for the breeder to easily and effectively manage your everyday rabbitry needs. With our system you will easily be able to maintain pedigrees, email pedigrees, manage breeding records and show records, list animals for sale, and lots of readymade reports to better assist you in managing your rabbitry.

  • Use the internet

    All of your critical data will be backed up and secured on our web servers on a daily basis.

    The days of mailing a hard copy of a pedigree via snail mail is a thing of the past. Now you can simply input the email address of the buyer, and send the pedigree via email instantly. The buyer can then print them at home, and eliminating delays. Or better yet, if both parties are ped2web.com members they can simply transfer the pedigree to the new owner.

    Harness the power of the Internet with our powerful selling tool. Animals you wish to sell can easily be added to our For Sale section with a click of a button. The For Sale section will be able to be searched by breed, color, state, and by breeder.

    Animals which are no longer active within your herd or have been sold can be moved to your deactivated list, or deleted if no longer in use. You will also have access to downloadable forms such as cage tags, and entry forms.

  • Need Help

    Don’t have a website? We can assist you in your website design, by offering an affordable solution. If you already own a website let us show you how to drive more traffic to your site, thus creating a better market for your animals. Explore the site to see a list of features, and screenshots. Join now to begin taking advantage of the best pedigree management system available.